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Hello!! This is BORNSMILE - where customers' SMILE will BORN.
At our store, we have lots of different kinds of sweets, such as roll cakes with rice flour / soybean milk cream, very soft chiffon cakes, crispy tarts, and more!! 
We make our sweets with the HEARTS. So please come to the store and try some! (We also have sit - in  place where you can catch up with your family and friends:) 
We are looking forward to seeing you!!! 
Thank you,

English menu


Role cake

  • Kinako(Soybean flour) and Kuromitu(brown sugar syrup) Roll cake

  • Mocha roll cake

  • Citrus roll cake

chiffon cake

  • Spinach and lemon chiffon cake

  • Fruit chiffon cake

  • Orange and chocolate chiffon cake

  • Tea chiffon cake


  • Fruits Tart

  • Seasonal fruit tart

  • Tropical tart

  • Mango tart


  • Black pepper cheese cake

  • Raspberry and mascarpone mousse

  • Bear cake

  • Maple cream filled puffs

Pudding and jelly

  • Blood orange Jelly

  • Smile pudding

  • Chinese-style almond pudding

  • green tea pannacotta

Baked goods

  • Pound cake

  • Pound cake mini Hall

  • Madeleine

  • Coconut meringue

  • Chinese-style almond Meringue

  • Chocolate Brownie with nuts


  • Snowball cookie

  • Japanese pepper and cocoa cookies

  • Brown sugar cookie

  • Sesame cookie

  • Flower lantern(florentin)

  • Mocha chocolate tip cookie


  • Blended coffee

  • Flavored coffee

  • Earl Grey tea

  • Darjeeling Second Flush

  • Herbal tea

  • Iced coffee

  • Ice cafe au lait

  • Iced tea

  • Orange juice


営業時間 / 10:00〜19:30
定休日 / ・毎週水曜日・火曜日不定休(火曜日営業の際は18:30閉店となります)